February 5, 2016



I’m Black African and Muslim.

You heard me correctly.

Is that an oxymoron?

Am I not,

Asian enough for you?

Arab enough for you?

What if I tell you,

About Bilal the black slave,

And what beautiful sounds he made,

With his mighty words,

He refused to be enslaved,

1st muezzin of Islam: the call we still hear today.

Let me tell you about Mansa Musa

A 14th century Mali king who went to Mecca

Establishing learning centres in Timbuktu

People travelling from all over the world,

Whether Christian, Hindu or Jew,

He gave away plenty of gold,

Not imagining what would ensue.

Why is so little known?

Is it because he was a darker hue?

Islam grasped the coast of West Africa from as early as 9AD

But Bilal is the only black man we approve?

Christianity only arrived in West Africa with slave ships

Taking African Muslims to different places,

Trying to kill their identity,

And eradicate their races.

Have I proved I’m Muslim enough for you?

That being black and Muslim,

Is compatible too?





KAWTHAR - I'm Kawthar, I'm a recent psychology graduate working as a research assistant in mental health. In my spare time I love learning new things by reading books, learning Arabic and black history, My blog,, is where I write about issues that I believe affect Muslim women and my personal experiences.


MARYAM B - I go by the pseudonym melinatedmary. I believe I am a fusion of Africa, the Caribbean and Islam. Recently I discovered my creative side, writing my thoughts, questions and life experience in the forms of poetry, short stories and plays. I still despise English, however I am a firm believer in using your talent to benefit the ummah. You can find my blog at: and my Instagram @melinatedmary.



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