July 27, 2016



If you have been on the lookout for a book that skilfully brings together Islamic guidelines with productivity advice, then The Productive Muslim book is for you!


The author, Mohammed Faris, is the founder of, a site dedicated to helping Muslims lead a productive lifestyle through the guidance of Islamic teachings. The site, launched in 2008, has amassed a following of over a million fans on Facebook and dedicated volunteers for the site from all over the world.


In his book, Faris gives practical advice on how to maximise our productivity in all areas of life; spiritual, physical, and mental. The book is split into nine chapters with categories including time-management, nutrition and productivity in Ramadan.


Though primarily marketed to a Muslim audience, I feel that there is a great benefit for anyone that has an interest in their personal development. Graham Allcott, author of “How to be a productivity Ninja” and managing director of features in the book, as he partook in fasting three days of Ramadan that he incorporated as a part of a productivity experiment that he was working on.


The final chapter left a major impression on me titled, ‘Productivity after Death’.  This chapter helped to put all the previous ones into perspective and made me reflect on the purpose of productivity, personal development and other manners of improving ourselves which should be for the sake of Allah. Also, to think of our lives in terms of legacy that we want to leave when you wake up in the morning and lay your head down to sleep at the end of the day.


I cannot recommend this book enough! Even before completing the book, I was already inspired and motivated to implement the changes the book gave. I have marked what feels like nearly every page, as there are numerous reminders, and practical advice to apply.


Rating –  5/5


This book can be purchased on Amazon or on the following website:

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